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- Natural, chemical free ingredients
- Scrumptious Swedish pet food at an affordable price.
- Food supplements, Treats, Hygiene products, Accessories
- More than 300,000 satisfied customers
- A healthier life for your pet - fewer vet bills for you!
- Free home delivery to your door by friendly Husse driver.
- Breeders Program

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Cat Food & Products

Husse's high quality cat foods gives your cat all the nutrients and quality which is necessary for the cats’ health, coat and vitality. Husse cat foods are available tinned, foiled, packed, as gourmet or dry.

Dog Food & Products

Husse's high quality dog foods with home delivery gives your dog all the nutrients and energy it needs, which show in their health, coat and vitality. Husse dog foods are available dry, tinned or foil packed.

Horse Food & Products

Every Horse is unique and therefore Husse has developed a wide range of Husse Food Supplements, Husse Horse Snacks and Husse Care Products for each horse specific needs at great prices.

Free Sample

Your local Husse pet nutritionist will arrange a Dinner Date for your pet to sample. some deliciously nutritious products.You’ll learn a little about Husse, the good stuff that goes into our products, and why Husse pet food will help your pet live a long and healthy life.